July 18, 2019

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About Us

And Justice For All presents this list of law firms in Boston with the goal of providing individuals and businesses in Boston and Massachusetts with access to high quality Boston Law Firms, and informative articles on legal issues, penned by Boston Law Firm attorneys. This website serves as both a publishing platform for Boston area law firms and directory for those seeking legal services in Boston and all of Massachusetts.

Only up to five law firms per practice area are permitted to be included in our list of law firms in Boston. Firms listed on this site are invited to post their profiles detailing their background and experience as well as the legal services they offer, with the goal of reaching and informing Boston and Massachusetts consumers and businesses in need of legal representation.

And Justice For All is an international law firm publishing network, providing an extensive, multi-lingual, and multi-national network of websites providing legal information to web searchers worldwide. Founded with a deep commitment to social responsibility, we donate 10% of our profits to charitable causes supporting animals, humans, and the environment.